An American Manufacturer of Tubular Burners, gas Manifold Pipes and Metal Parts for the Foodservice Equipment, Fireplace Manufacturers, Architectural and Artwork Customers

MWW produces cooking manifolds (rails) in North America with a solid offering of different base materials to meet customer specifications. Using either round or square tubing, aluminized or painted finishes and heavy or light-wall tubing; we have multiple design options and capabilities to drive performance and durability producing a highly customized end product. Some of our key manufacturing capabilities for cooking manifolds include: punching, welding, brazing, stamping, bending, leak-testing and value-added assembling of strategic components.

Technical Spec

Raw Material:

  • Cold rolled carbon steel tubing

Three Sizes:

  • ½, ¾, 1 ¼”, NPT

​Manifold Pipes - Gas manifolds

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