Technical Spec

Raw Material:

  • Cold rolled carbon steel tubing

Three Sizes:

  • ½, ¾, 1 ¼”, NPT

​Manifold Pipes - Gas manifolds

Export Company
​​​​​MWW Manufacturing inc.   
An American Manufacturer of Tubular Burners, gas Manifold Pipes and Metal Parts for the Foodservice Equipment, Fireplace Manufacturers, Architectural and Artwork Customers

MWW produces cooking manifolds (rails) in North America with a solid offering of different base materials to meet customer specifications. Using either round or square tubing, aluminized or painted finishes and heavy or light-wall tubing; we have multiple design options and capabilities to drive performance and durability producing a highly customized end product. Some of our key manufacturing capabilities for cooking manifolds include: punching, welding, brazing, stamping, bending, leak-testing and value-added assembling of strategic components.